Extremely Exquisite.

up to 10 million frames per second

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Experience the Invisible with ultra high-speed video recording up to 10 million fps with 6x higher sensitivity (ISO 16000) than conventional video cameras. Featuring the FTCMOS2 Advanced Next-Generation Burst Image Sensor with a two camera synchronized recording function for 3D DIC (digital image correlation). The best in its class.

The Fastest Just Got Faster.

up to 2.45 million frames per second

iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series, the next generation hero image.

NEW – iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series G2

On January 6, 2021, iX Cameras announced the next generation i-SPEED 7 Series ultra high-speed video cameras. Three models featuring new 3.2MP AST sensors with 2072 x 1536 resolution, frame rates up to 2.45 million fps and a new High-G body design.

Loaded with features & options – perfect for ballistics, fluid dynamics, PIV & DIC (digital image correlation) and a wide range of industrial & scientific research.

Scandiflash logo.

Flash X-Ray Imaging Solutions

See through the toughest conditions

Ultra high-speed Flash X-ray imaging solutions for dynamic event research –
ballistics, hypervelocity impact testing, detonics & more.

See Through the Toughest Conditions

Scandiflash Flash X-Ray (FXR) Systems are valuable solutions to image through fire, smoke, metal and other materials using fast 20 nanosecond X-ray pulses for incredibly sharp ultra high-speed Flash X-ray imaging.

Cineradiography with Scandiflash FXR Systems

Sequential imaging made easy with Scandiflash Multi-Anode Flash X-ray tubes (MAT) for
SCF150 kV, SCF300 kV, SCF450 kV & SCF450S kV Flash X-ray systems.

Mobile Flash X-Ray Imaging

Take it on the road & in the field with a Scandiflash SCFC20 Mobile FXR Lab Solution.

Go Thermal!

high-speed & high-definition infrared imaging solutions

FLIR Next X-Series X6980 and X8580 infrared science-grade video cameras.

FLIR Next X-Series X6980™ & X8580

High-Speed & High Definition Infrared Science-Grade Video Cameras

midwave & longwave versions available

Capture the heat with FLIR Next X-Series MWIR & LWIR science-grade infrared video cameras. Experience high-speed thermal imaging at 1,004 fps with 2x the resolution of the competition or shoot high-speed & high definition at 181 fps in 1280 x 1024.

Compact Workhorse.

high performance with high resolution

SVS Vistek SVCam-HR Series

High performance with high resolution, 11–29 megapixels in a small, but mighty high-speed video camera. A perfect solution for quasistatic DIC (digital image correlation). Grab a pair today & start shooting.

Experience the Invisible™ with 3D DIC

VIC-3D™ Ultra High-Speed DIC System

Incredible ultra high-speed, 3D digital image correlation is possible with a pair of Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 ultra high-speed video cameras, Correlated Solutions VIC-3D 8 software, VIC-Snap Remote app, installation, support & more.

Turn-Key Solution

brand new design

HADLAND / MSI miniFF (mini Flight Follower)

We’re proud of our new & improved miniFF developed with our partner, MS Instruments. It’s been redesigned to be lighter, more compact & easier than ever to set up to do the work for you. This all inclusive high-performance package follows speeding projectiles in-flight and records the action with high-speed video via a computer-controlled rotating mirror – camera included.


Light it Up.

The brightest LED lighting systems from REL & VIC
& pulsed laser illumination from Oxford Lasers.

REL WS LED Series illustration.
Click to learn more about REL WS LED Series Lighting Solutions 🇺🇸 MADE IN THE USA
Visual Instrumentation Corporation (VIC) Ultra-Bright LED Single with 2.5 inches diameter lens.

VIC Ultra-Bright LED Lighting System

Ultra Bright & Ready for Action.

Portable high-intensity illumination system, available with single or multiple modules. Video/Flood controllers, precision camera mounts and more.

Oxford Lasers FireFLY 500W laser. Photo by Drew L'Esperance, Hadland Imaging.

Oxford Lasers FireFLY 500W Lasers & FireBIRD 1000W Lasers

Super-intense illumination – in the right place, at the right time.

Synchronized short-pulsed laser illumination to light up the
brightest research subjects @ 808 nm for ultra high-speed imaging.

Read the pulsed laser illumination case study by
Hadland Imaging Senior Scientist, Drew L’Esperance >

Acquisition & Analysis

Accurate results for your research.

AMOtronics SATURN Transient Recorders, Flat, Cube and satellite.

AMOtronics logo.


Transient Recorder System

Modular solution for precise control, measurement & analysis of hypervelocity impact testing, PDV/VISAR* & more.

AMOtronics Saturn icon.

Scalable & flexible data acquisition with
large distance bridging, protection & safety.

* Photon Doppler Velocimetry/ Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector 

Xcitex ProAnalyst® 2023

Revolutionary motion analysis software that turns your high-speed video camera into a precision measurement instrument. Featuring an updated user interface, new tools & features, and new licensing options to get the job done right!

Acoustic & Optical Targets

The complete line of easy to use, precision electronic acoustic optical targets from our partner, MS Instruments. Perfect for ballistics testing at indoor ranges and in the field. Record & measure your results with MSI Ballistics DB software.

Hadland Imaging logo.

Ultra High-Speed News

LWAG 2024 Conference

LWAG 2024 Conference

LWAG 2024 Conference Light-Weight Armour for Defence & Security June 10–13, 2024 | Rocamadour, France   Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging will be sponsoring & exhibiting at the LWAG 2024 Conference in Rocamadour, France. Stop by and see the latest in ultra...

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MEE at Texas A&M University

MEE at Texas A&M University

MEE – Materials for Extreme Environments, State-of-the-Art Dynamic Materials Modeling, Testing & Characterization  College Station, TX – The Materials for Extreme Environments (MEE) group at Texas A&M University tackles many challenging dynamic research...

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2024 AIAA SciTech Forum & Exposition

2024 AIAA SciTech Forum & Exposition

  2024 AIAA SciTech Forum & Exposition  8–12 January 2024 • Orlando, FL Hadland Imaging will be exhibiting at the 2024 AIAA SciTech Forum in Orlando, FL, January 8–12, 2024. Stop by and see us in BOOTH 114 to have a look at the latest in ultra high-speed visible,...

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Hadland Imaging at IMAC-XLII 2024

Hadland Imaging at IMAC-XLII 2024

IMAC-XLII 2024 Standing on the Shoulders of Giants  January 29 – February 1, 2024 | Rosen Plaza Hotel, Orlando, FL  See us in Booth 314  Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging will be exhibiting at IMAC-XLII 2024 in Orlando, Florida. We'll be showcasing the latest in ultra...

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MABS26 International Symposium in Australia

MABS26 International Symposium in Australia

MABS26 – 26th International Symposium on Military Aspects of Blast & Shock December 3–8, 2023 | Novotel Wollongong Northbeach | Wollongong, Australia Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging is sponsoring and will attend MABS26, the 26th International Symposium on...

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Linden Gledhill at BIOCENE 2023

Linden Gledhill at BIOCENE 2023

Linden Gledhill at BIOCENE 2023  October 18–20, 2023 | Ohio Aerospace Institute | Cleveland, Ohio    Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging Senior Scientist, Linden Gledhill is a featured artist at BIOCENE 2023, sponsored by the Ohio Aerospace Institute and Great Lakes...

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Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID)

Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID)

Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID) Santa Cruz, CA – New from Scandiflash – The Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID) for Flash X-ray cineradiography! Capture the action with one to eight ultra high-speed Flash X-ray exposures with Scandiflash FXR MAT...

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ATEM-iDICs Joint Conference 2023 in Japan

ATEM-iDICs Joint Conference 2023 in Japan

ATEM–iDICs ’23 – The Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics and International DIC Society Joint Conference 2023 October 9–12, 2023 | Awara, Fukui, Japan ATEM–iDICs '23 – The Advanced Technology in Experimental Mechanics and International DIC Society Joint...

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72nd Meeting of the ARA 2023 – Tokyo, Japan

72nd Meeting of the ARA 2023 – Tokyo, Japan

72nd Meeting of the ARA (Aeroballistic Range Association) September 2023 in Tokyo, Japan Livermore, CA – The 72nd Aeroballistic Range Association Meeting is organized by Hosei University and meets September 10–15, 2023 in Tokyo, Japan. The annual ARA meetings are...

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ILASS-AMERICAS 2023 33rd Annual Conference

ILASS-AMERICAS 2023 33rd Annual Conference

ILASS-AMERICAS 2023 33rd Annual Conference on Liquid Atomization & Spray Systems, North & South America May 14–17, 2023 | Marriott Albuquerque Hotel | Albuquerque, NM   Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging's friends and partners, iX Cameras and Oxford Lasers...

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

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“High speed, high resolution, and the ability to adapt to a range of test applications are key aspects of what we need from a high-speed camera. We tested several cameras for our requirements, and the i-SPEED 720 stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of performance, image quality, and ease of use.” 

Steven Reynolds – Head of the High Speed Video (HSV) Program at Oakley

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& Flash X-ray imaging solutions

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Exclusive North America & Europe Authorized Representative

of the Shimadzu Hyper Vision line of ultra high-speed video cameras, including the HPV-X2

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West Coast Authorized Representative

of the iX Cameras line of high-speed video cameras, including the i-SPEED® 7 series

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North America Authorized Representative

of the FLIR line of high-speed infrared science-grade video cameras & data recorders

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North America Authorized Representative

of the complete line of AMOtronics measuring & control solutions

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Authorized Representative

of REL high-intensity visible spectrum LED lighting systems and SURE-Test Systems™ high strain rate equipment & testing solutions

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Authorized Representative

of Scandiflash Flash X-ray imaging solutions for hypervelocity impact testing & more

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MS Instruments

MS Instruments

Ballistic Range Solutions – acoustic & optical targets, triggers, velocity screens & more

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Tech Imaging

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Visual Instrumentation Corporation

Visual Instrumentation Corportation

High-Intensity LED, AVATAR 10.5mm Lens, precision camera mounts & accessories



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