soundBrilliance™: Linden Gledhill in Abeline Collaboration

Santa Cruz, CA – soundBrilliance is currently hosting a collaboration with artists and Abilene, a Miami based classical-fusion ensemble. Hadland Imaging Senior Scientist, Linden Gledhill is featured in the Fluid Dynamics video, starting at 8:15.

Linden used an iX Cameras i-SPEED® 513 ultra high-speed video camera with frame rates up to 1 million frames per second to shoot his footage of water drop collsions used in the Fluid Dynamics video. The collisions were captured around 4,000 frames per second. Viewing the high-speed video at normal speed (24–30 frames per second) brings the audience into the world of slow motion, with collisions and crowns captured in stunning detail.

Check out soundBrilliance’s collaboration with Abeline and enjoy more of Linden’s slow motion videos and other works on YouTube.


Abeline 2023 Fluid Dynamics screens.

Stills from Fluid Dynamics video featuring high-speed imaging by Linden Gledhill.


Abeline 2023 Fluid Dynamics screen.

Click image to view Fluid Dynamics video.

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