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Flash X-ray Systems

Flash X-ray solutions for ballistics, hypervelocity impact testing, detonics (ordnance velocity & explosives research) and more.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

Model SCF 300 Flash X-ray System

A. Pulser, B. X-ray tube & C. 19″ Rack mounted control tower featuring one PDU 4 power distribution unit, four FXRC 4 Flash X-ray channel controllers & one SU 8 – an 8-channel Ethernet switch

See through the toughest of conditions.

Scandiflash Flash X-ray (FXR) Systems are designed to see through fire, smoke, metal and other materials during ballistics, hypervelocity impact testing, detonics (ordnance velocity & explosives research), and more, using short, intense X-ray pulses for high-speed and ultra high-speed imaging. Exposure times ranging from 20–35 nanoseconds and small focal spot sizes produce extremely sharp radiographs for analysis. Our systems feature a wide voltage range and the option of using soft X-rays for optimal penetration and contrast for most applications.

Scandiflash FXR Container Systems are ideal solutions when testing in the field. Our 20′ ISO containers can be transported and easily setup at remote testing sites. The system is factory installed in a reinforced, insulated and heated container. Everything needed for the system – pulsers, X-ray tubes, control tower, cables and more are securely stored within the container during transport and storage.

Contact us for more information about our range of Scandiflash FXR System models & containers or configuring a Flash X-ray system tailored to your unique requirements.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 Datasheet PDF

Flash X-ray Radiographs Can’t Be Wrong
download the Scandiflash Flash X-ray Systems datasheet PDF

Scandiflash FXR Systems

Scandiflash FXR Systems cover a wide voltage range, from 75kV to 1200kV and include all the necessary gear you need to get the job done right.

FXR Systems
SCF Models 150 300 450 450S 1200
75–150 100–300 150–450 160–480 500–1200
Output peak
2 10 10 10 10
Pulse width (ns) 35 20 20 25 20
Dose per pulse
at 1 m
1.6 9 20 25 65
Penetration of
steel at 2.5 m
3mm 18mm 30mm 34mm 60mm
Source size ** 1mm 1mm 1mm 2.5mm 2.5mm
Dual tube option Yes Yes Yes

* Scandiflash G Fast intensifying screens and Kodak T-MAT H film (0.7 gross film density). FXR Systems 150, 300, 450 & 450S feature a 5m pulser to X-ray tube coaxial cable. FXR System 1200 features tube in pulser.

** Source size may be varied by different anodes. Given values are typical.

Scandiflash FXR System Components

everything you need to get the job done right


Scandiflash FXR Systems use pulsers (high-voltage pulse generators) to generate high-intensity X-ray bursts (pulses) for radiography. Scandiflash pulsers are modified Marx surge generators – voltage multiplication is accomplished by charging capacitors in parallel and discharging them in series with spark gaps.

Grounded metal tanks are used to house pulser components – capacitors, spark gap switches and charging network. Our tanks are precision-built and pressurized to improve insulation and control over spark gap switch breakdown voltage. The exceptional shielding properties of our tanks, combined with the coaxial nature of capacitor discharge, lead to unusually low external radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic radiation levels.


Scandiflash PG 150 Pulser.

Scandiflash PG 150 Pulser
Dimensions with stand:
øL 11.65 x 22.44 in (296 x 570 mm)

Scandiflash PG 300, 400 & 450S Pulser.

Scandiflash PG 300, 450 & 450S Pulser
Dimensions with stand:
PG 300: øL 30.70 x 38.18 in (780 x 970 mm)
PG 450: øL 34.65 x 44.48 in (880 x 1,130 mm)
PG 450S: øL 34.65 x 45.67 in (880 x 1,160 mm)

Scandiflash PG 1200 Pulser.

Scandiflash PG 1200 Pulser
øL 38.58 x 57.87 in (980 x 1,470 mm)

Flash X-ray Tubes

Scandiflash FXR Systems feature cold cathode X-ray tubes with a robust design and small focal spot size – creating the ideal X-ray tubes for recording radiographs of ballistics and hypervelocity impact testing. X-ray tubes XT 150 through XT 450S are self-contained (a separate tube head is not needed for remote operation) and connected to pulsers with a flexible high-voltage coaxial cable. Pulser model PG 1200 features an X-ray tube connected directly to the pulser output.

Each X-ray tube has been designed to be user serviceable – consumable parts can be replaced on site at a fraction of the cost of a new tube to keep your research going strong and within budget. 

The same tube can be used for both single and dual tube operation. For applications where low energy radiation is essential for improving contrast, an optional soft X-ray adapter (a thin plastic screen fitted to the tube) may be used for transmitting radiation as low as a few keV.

Focal Spot Size & Radiographs

Focal spot size plays an important role in the quality of radiographs – smaller focal spot sizes, produce sharper radiographs.

Flash X-ray tubes may be used with a 1mm focal spot size resulting in sharp radiographs, even at short source to object distances.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

XT 450, 300 & 150 Straight X-ray Tube Emitters
XT 300 Dimensions: øHL 4.5 x 8.3 x 14.96 in (114.3 x 211 x 380 mm)

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

XT 150R, 300R & 450R Right Angle X-ray Tube Emitters
XT 300R Dimensions: øHL 4.5 x 9.66 x 15.06 in (114.3 x 245.5 x 382.5 mm)

Control Tower & System

A computerized control system is used for Scandiflash FXR Systems. The electronics units are microprocessor controlled and connected to a laptop/desktop computer via Ethernet. All operating parameters can be set and read using a laptop/desktop computer. Where safety reasons or facility layout call for remote control, the system can be operated from long distance via fiber optic cable.

Power Distribution Unit – PDU 4
The PDU 4 contains a high-voltage power supply and is controlled by the FXRC 4 unit.

Flash X-ray Channel Control Unit – FXRC 4
Each system channel has a Flash X-ray channel control unit featuring the following functions:

  • delay generator – range 0–999.999ms in 1 µs increments with two trigger modes (contact closure & pulse)
  • time interval meter – 0.05µs time resolution
  • dry air pressure control – for insulating high-voltage pulser modules
  • dielectric gas pressure control – for insulating high-voltage cable connectors
  • ion pump power supply (protection circuit included)
  • system monitoring unit – monitors pulse in each channel and may be sourced from up to six check points in the FXR System: 1. trigger input to delay generator, 2. delay generator output, 3. trigger amplifier output, 4. pulser output, 5. pulser to tube cable output, and 6. X-ray tube output (optional)

Switch Unit – SU 8
The SU 8 is an 8-channel Ethernet switch that handles communication between computer and FXRC 4 units. It features a built-in Ethernet to fiber optic modem for using fiber optic cable for long distance operation.

Control Tower 34HU with four channels & laptop computer
Cabinet dimensions: HWD 72.83 x 21.65 x 24.40 in (1,850 x 550 x 620 mm)

ScandiControl by Scandiflash

ScandiControl is software developed for the operation and control of Scandiflash FXR Systems. The software gives you full remote control of all settings of the system’s operational parameters and handles up to eight channels. 

ScandiControl has four user modes: 

ScandiControl config: used to configure system hardware at the factory before shipping. This mode allows the user to extend the FXR System by adding or removing components.

ScandiControl User: standard mode for taking radiographs

Test Mode User: for system operation with resistive loads

Scandiflash: allows Scandiflash personnel to log into the computer and run the ScandiControl application for diagnostic purposes 

ScandiControl is the property of Scandiflash and does not require a third party license.


Scandiflash Flash X-ray Multi-anode tube illustration.Multi-Anode Flash X-ray Tubes

Multi-anode Flash X-ray tubes are used when closely spaced X-ray sources are needed to minimize parallax. Radiation from the tube is directed onto a scintillating (fluorescent) screen placed behind the subject. The scintillating screen converts the radiation into visible light and produces images on the rear side which can be intensified and captured with a high-speed or ultra high-speed camera.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

A. Multi-Anode Flash X-ray Tube
B. Target C. Projectile D. Gun E. Scintillating Screen
F. Intensifier G. High-Speed/Ultra High-Speed Camera

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

Target penetration studies with multi-anode Flash X-ray tube: transparent armor & projectile, 7.62 x 51 mm AP steel core @ 850m/s conventional transparent armor without ceramic front. No erosion and deformation of steel core. Illustration & image courtesy Fraunhofer EMI.

Scandiflash XT 300-4C Multi-Anode Flash X-ray Tube & Schematic
Dimensions: HWD 37.95 x 19.09 x 23.62 in (964 x 485 x 600 mm)

Scandiflash FXR Support Equipment

maintaining your FXR System for optimal results


Every Scandiflash Flash X-ray System includes a complete set of tools for maintenance & service.


Roughing Pump System (RPS)

Scandiflash X-ray tubes are easy to maintain and can be efficiently serviced on site to get the most of your research. An integrated ion pump is supplied with every X-ray tube – the RPS uses a turbo molecular pump to evacuate X-ray tubes and reset the ion pump pressure for your next exposure. Two RPS models are available – RPS 30M for pumping a single X-ray tube and RPS 30M-4 for simultaneously pumping up to four X-ray tubes.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

Scandiflash RPS 30M Schematic
Dimensions: HWD 34.05 x 22.32 x 19.40 in (865 x 567 x 493 mm)

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

Scandiflash RPS 30M-4 Schematic
Dimensions: HWD 39.56 x 19.88 x 32.68 in (1,005 x 505 x 830 mm)

Compressed Air Drying (CAD) System

Compressed (pressurized) dry air is used in Scandiflash FXR Systems to improve insulation of high-voltage pulsers & X-ray tube cables, protection from environmental conditions and to control the breakdown voltage of fixed spark gap switches.

While compressed dry air may be provided by local gas supply companies, it must be dust and moisture free for reliable and stable system operation. Scandiflash CAD 70 compressed air drying system has been meticulously designed and includes a compressor, cooler, adsorption dryer & storage tank to produce high-quality compressed dry air on-demand for optimal research results.

Scandiflash CAD 70
Dimensions: HWD 31.89 x 24.80 x 26.77 in (810 x 630 x 680 mm)

Scandiflash FXR Container Systems

the complete FXR System – on the road & in the field

Scandiflash FXR Container Systems are the ideal Flash X-ray solution when testing in the field. Our 20′ ISO containers can be transported and easily setup at remote testing sites. The FXR System is factory installed in a reinforced, insulated and heated container. Everything needed for the system – pulsers, X-ray tubes, control tower, cables and more are securely stored within the container during transport and storage. Your complete Scandiflash FXR System for on the road and in the field!

Container external dimensions: LWH 20 x 8 x 8.5 ft (6.06 x 2.43 x 2.59 m)

Transporting Container Systems
Our 20′ ISO container system can be easily transported to test locations by truck or tractor. The container can be protected with concrete blocks at a test location.

Container Configurations
Pulsers can be positioned along the length of the interior or configured 2 x 2 at the far end. Pulsers, control tower and all support equipment are securely mounted to the reinforced container walls.

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