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AMOtronics SATURN Transient Recorder System

Modular solution for precise control & analysis of hypervelocity impact testing, PDV/VISAR* & more.



* Photon Doppler Velocimetry / Velocity Interferometer System for Any Reflector

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.
Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 with power supply unit.

SATURN Flat, Cube & Satellite Transient Recorders

customizable 1–240 channels SATURN Transient Recorders with Sequencer/Timer & battery or air powered data acquisition fiber satellites/probes

AMOtronics SATURN icon.

Flexible triggers for long recordings:
1 S/s–100 MS/s sample rate
NEW! 1 GS/s @ 16-bit to 20 GS/s @ 12-bit

Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG):
4–120 analog outputs

Arbitrary Delay Generator (ADG):
1 analog & 13 digital inputs
8–32 digital outputs

Ready-to-Use Programmable Python/C API

Optional Digital Fiber Optic Isolation

Harsh Environment Protection

Digital Optical Transmission

Robust Fiber Optic Cables

Scalable & flexible data acquisition with large distance bridging, protection & safety.

The SATURN Transient Recorder System offers the platform for modular measuring systems with increased demands on precision, speed and safety. Our hardware and software solutions are optimized for fast signals, large amounts of data, high voltages and currents, bridging long distances and shielding against strong electromagnetic fields and other disturbances via fiber optics. SATURN Transient Recorders are available in various housing options, ranging from compact portable systems to frames for 19 inch rack mounting. Depending on the particular measurement task, Transient Recorder base units can be equipped with a variety of modules for data acquisition and control.

Simplify the recording of relevant events when operating light-gas guns, accelerators and at ballistic test facilities. Recording the precise moment of impact or any waypoint with ultra high-speed video cameras and Flash X-ray is a challenging task. The AMOtronics Trigger Prediction System makes it easy to obtain successful high-speed results for your research.

The AMOtronics Digital Fragment Test System provides up to 192 channels @ 40 ns time resolution with fiber-coupled subsystems. Inputs include screen power supply to directly drive connected make/break screens. Integrated diagnostics allows verification of connections and cable conditions to the screens for accurate data acquisition.

The SATURN Sequencer/Timer serves testing laboratories as a central digital control unit. It allows precise and reliable control of test facilities and/or units under test in real-time. The inputs and outputs can be provided as electrical or fiber optic connectors. The SATURN Sequencer is available as a standalone device or integrated into a SATURN Transient Recorder System.

SATURN Satellites are separate measurement probes specifically developed for use in hazardous environments and to cover long distances to the measurement object. Data transmission via fiber optic cable offers reliable safety in high voltage testing, explosion tests and similar challenging applications.

SATURN Cycle Timer – configuration & control software from AMOtronics. The software provides a comfortable graphical user interface. It allows you to easily adjust the main options of the Sequencer, interactively generate the required signal output patterns, download the complete configuration onto the Real-Time Sequencer Processor Unit as well as observe and control the program execution.

SATURN Studio II – test & analysis software from AMOtronics. Developed with years of customer feedback and features a comfortable user interface to simplify your daily work – even with extensive amounts of data to analyze. Automate repetitive tasks such as measurements, analysis, and reporting – saving you considerable effort and time.

Contact us for more information about configuring a SATURN Transient Recorder System tailored to your unique requirements. Our team of experienced engineers offers contract development for individual adaptations as well as highly specialized solutions.


AMOtronics Pulse Voltage Divider photo.

AMOtronics 20:1 Pulse Voltage Divider

Step Responce Calibrated with Triple Shielding
1kV input reference voltage pulse divider
Optional Satellite integration
N type input, / BNC output
Integrated calibration pulse source, wide band linear step response
Error <0.1% in <200 ns


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Precision Controlled Tests Can't Be Wrong

Download the AMOtronics SATURN Transient Recorder System datasheet PDF

Key Features


  • Modular & expandable hardware
  • Up to 240 precision analog channels in 19″ rack
  • Internal GPS calibrated 10 ns clock source
  • Synchronization of generator frequency for rotating applications
  • Electrical or fiber optic channels
  • Safe operation via configurable qualifier inputs & security loop
  • Optional high-power output modules – RELAY, MOSFET, SSR or IGBT
  • SATURN Cycle Timer – configure & control software
  • SATURN Studio II – ready-to-use test & measurement software
  • Flexible programming interface
  • Optional remote control

Input/Output Connections


  • 8–192 digital input/outputs for precise control of small to large scale tests
  • ±100 mV to ±1 kV range

  • Up to 64 channels in main frame
  • Add up to 128 additional channels in a separate frame (connected via fiber optics)
  • 8 qualifier/marker inputs with logic functions (OR/AND) for initiating start procedure
  • Dual operation mode – internal clock (time-based) and synchronization with external reference signals (generator frequency, analog sinus/digital zero crossing/digital pulses)
  • SATURN Data Acquisition System – optional integration with satellites/probes
  • Programmable Break Pattern for emergency stop & defined fail-safe state
  • Different media types combined in one frame – electrical, optical, & power outputs
Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 Datasheet PDF

AMOtronics SATURN System Tower
featuring display with Sequencer–Cycle Timer software, SATURN Transient Recorder, BayStation with IGBT/SSR switches, optical matrix routers & FuelStation for PowerPack charging

Configure. Control. Analyze.

easy to use configuration & data analysis software by AMOtronics


AMOtronics SATURN icon.
SATURN Cycle Timer

configure & control your SATURN Transient Recorder System

AMOtronics SATURN Cycle Timer software provides a comfortable graphical user interface to configure and program the SATURN Sequencer/Timer for your tests. You can easily adjust the main options of the Sequencer, interactively generate the required signal output patterns, download complete configurations onto the Real-Time Sequencer Processor, as well as observe and control program execution. With a single mouse click, the software compiles the user-defined framework including defined output patterns, and downloads the code to the Real-Time Sequencer Processor.


User Modes


Internal Clock Mode
This mode generates output patterns that are strictly time-based. The SATURN Sequencer/Timer features a high precision internal clock source, allowing a minimum real-time step-width of 10ns. Its reaction to input signals within five clock steps makes it the ideal solution for applications which rely on precise and fast switching of output signals at specific points in time.


Cycle Mode
Precise synchronization to rotating generators at different frequencies is a key feature for phase related testing. The SATURN Sequencer/Timer supports analog and digital reference signals as external synchronization sources. The Sequencer/Timer outputs can be switched at any phase angle of a defined cycle – for example, at 8° before zero crossing of 5th sinus half wave.


Pattern Generator
The Pattern Generator provides an alternative interface for flexible programming. A set of simple control commands enables you to easily program complex pattern sequences with triggers, loops, jumps, counters and break conditions – assisting you in solving challenging control tasks.


AMOtronics SATURN icon.

system control & analysis for your SATURN Transient Recorder System

AMOtronics SATURN Studio II is the versatile software solution for hardware configuration, measurement control and data display. It includes powerful analysis and flexible reporting for test labs in research and industry.

  • Measurement modes: Transient, Loop, Streaming (option), Segmentation (option)
  • Table style configuration grants perfect overview
  • Project management with user specific archive & path generator
  • Integrated sensor database
  • Live monitor display: analog, digital, gauge, bar graph, & more
  • 20 view windows, up to 4 monitors, multiple cursors, graphs, scales, & more
  • Unique ultra-fast data display
  • Multiple analysis functions
  • Integrated formular editor
  • Powerful reporting module
  • Extensive scripting language
  • Powerful API (application programming interface)


Measurement Modes & Scripting

Transient mode: input channels and trigger are configured by software; data acquisition starts with pre/post trigger conditions or with software.

Loop mode: fully automatic analysis and reporting; configures system based on a configuration template and arms channels. Each trigger starts a new test. Manual stop or loop countdown ends the test cycle. 

Streaming mode (option): extra long recordings are stored directly to the local HDD/SSD or network. Multi-channel setups are supported with live data for selected signals.

Segmentation mode (option): system re-arm time reduced to a few μs at very low jitter and repetitively triggered signals are stored in the transient memory. Thousands of segments can be acquired for fast processing.

Scripting language (option): a powerful scripting interface enables users to automate complex analysis and control tasks. Multiple windows, buttons, checkboxes and more, allow for programming user interfaces with hundreds of standard and special commands in a professional programming environment with syntax highlighting.

Analysis & Reports

Accurate analysis and report functions process sets of sampled data. Multiple automatic filters can be applied to reduce signal noise. Fast reports can be produced with easy drag & drop configuration or generated from adjustable templates to store results as a PDF file in predefined folders.

SATURN Studio II is especially optimized for fast display and analysis of large data sets. Complete ready-to-use report packages are available for several specific applications such as…


  • Circuit Breaker Tests: automated and interactive analysis routines according to guide lines of the Short-Circuit Testing Liaison (STL) and requirements of the IEC 60060-1 for tests of high current and high voltage switches for different test cases (No-Load Test, Short Circuit Test, Capacitive Load Test, & Synthetic Test).
  • Lightning Pulse & Impulse Current Tests: complete analysis package according to IEC 60060 and IEC 61083; automatically measuring parameters like Up, T1 and T2 within seconds. Printed reports are instantly available after the measurement is completed.

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