Hadland/MSI miniFF (mini Flight Follower)

Our redesigned, compact, high-performance system, developed with MS Instruments does the work for you – camera included!

Hadland/MSI mini Flight Follower

Key Features

  • Low-cost, turn-key system
  • Integrated high-speed video camera
  • Better than 0.1˚ tracking accuracy over 90˚ scan
  • Remote operation via dedicated OS software, includes set-up wizard to ensure optimization for a variety of tracking geometries
  • Fixed, measured or user defined velocity profile modes with multiple trigger inputs & built-in trigger delay
  • Real-time, 10MHz mirror position control enabling in-flight velocity & acceleration correction
  • Mirror Halt function stops mirror mid-flight for impact analysis

Compact, Portable System – Ready for Action.

The Hadland/MSI miniFF (mini Flight Follower) utilizes a computer controlled and triggered rotating mirror, positioned in front of a high-speed video camera and programmed to follow a speeding projectile. Beautifully crafted and precision-built with years of expertise, our miniFF is an indispensable tool for demanding photographers and videographers requiring a complete, portable, high-speed imaging solution in the field.

The miniFF system is capable of tracking trajectory for 100 meters or more as the mirror scans a 90˚ arc, providing high quality images of objects in-flight. The miniFF can track small to large caliber projectiles, as well as other objects such as rockets, rocket assisted projectiles, sled track tests, sports equipment, automobiles, and practically anything that is traveling too fast to observe and study for critical measurement and analysis.

miniFF system includes:

  • miniFF enclosure
  • high-speed video camera
  • assorted lenses
  • tablet & laptop controller
  • control software
  • mirror tracking & trigger units
  • cables
  • tripod
  • Xcitex ProAnalyst® motion analysis software
  • Pelican™ case
Hadland/MSI mini Flight Follower Wizard

Software Wizard

Our cutting-edge set-up wizard has greatly simplified range surveying and equipment configuration, minimizing set-up time and ensuring optimum configuration for range, projectile and camera.

Tech Specs

Size variable
Scan ratio 0.1–100 (scan ratio = projectile velocity/stand off distance)
Tracking angle 100˚ total, 90˚ tracking
Angular tracking accuracy better than 0.1˚
Flatness 1/4 wave


Control Unit
Operation modes fixed, measured, multiple update or user defined velocity profiles
3x TTL, 3x sky screen, 1x multi-trigger (up to 256 inputs)
Trigger output 1x +5v TTL in-sync with start of mirror scan (trigger for high-speed video camera), 2x TTL stand-alone (for 3D scan, etc.)
Power 100–240V (50–60Hz)
Communication GigE/Wireless LAN


Resolution 1280 x 1024 pixels
Frames per second up to 20,000 fps
Memory 2GB, expandable up to 16GB


Ballistic DB Xcitex ProAnalyst® motion analysis software
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