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Premium Motion Analysis Software

Extract, Analyze & Report Motion from Video


 ProAnalyst 2023 includes an updated user interface, new tools & features, and new licensing options to get the job done right!


Xcitex ProAnalyst 2023 is the world’s premier software solution for automatically measuring moving objects with video – including ultra high-speed video. ProAnalyst allows you to import virtually any video and quickly extract and quantify motion within that video.

Used extensively by NASA, engineers, broadcasters, researchers and athletes, ProAnalyst is the ideal companion software to any prosumer, scientific and industrial video camera, and vice versa. With ProAnalyst, any video camera becomes a non-contact test instrument.

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Revolutionary Low-Cost Motion Analysis Software

ProAnalyst allows users to measure and track velocity, position, size, acceleration, location and other characteristics.

ProAnalyst is the first low-cost software package that works with many videos – from AVI to MJPEG – so you can use it with any camera to measure any moving object. Analysis results can be instantly graphed and reviewed, compared against external data, and exported to a variety of output formats for further analysis or presentation purposes.

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Automated Tracking

ProAnalyst goes far beyond the standard pattern tracking algorithms offered by other software packages.

ProAnalyst enables the user to track features without having to use special markers, such as ping-pong balls, in the experimental setup. After the user selects a feature in the initial video frame, the Automatic Tracking tool finds and tracks that feature in all subsequent frames, providing real-time data and measurements.

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Multi-Dimensional Data Analysis

In addition to standard data versus time graphing, ProAnalyst offers 2- and 3-axis graphing, allowing the user to compare data from different video sources simultaneously.

A data import feature also enables synchronization of external sensor data with video analysis data. All of these results can be exported to Excel or DIAdem. ProAnalyst even generates PowerPoint presentations, printer-friendly reports, and HTML web pages to bring your project to completion.

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Unlimited Applications

Used by engineers at NASA, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, ProAnalyst powers the most demanding analytical applications.

Leading research universities use ProAnalyst for physiological analysis from the cellular level to biomechanical level. ProAnalyst’s comprehensive capabilities are also used in product development, testing, and manufacturing. With ProAnalyst, any digital video can yield quantitative data for any application.

ProAnalyst Features

ProAnalyst motion analysis software provides a series of video processing and motion analysis tools that can be applied to any video or image sequence regardless of content or acquisition method.

ProAnalyst’s advanced algorithms allow for 2D feature tracking without special markers. Unique 1D line tracking detects and tracks changes in intensity along a line. Analysis results can be instantly graphed, reviewed, compared to external data & exported to a variety of output formats for reports or presentations.

Revolutionary Low-Cost Motion Analysis Software

1D Line Tracking
Detect and track intensity changes along a line. Includes width averaging, threshold setting, and calculation of radius of curvature and best-fit-circle.

2D Feature Tracking
Track features without having to use special markers in your experimental setups. View real-time annotations of distance and angle, and measurements of position & velocity.

3D Analysis
Analyze 3D motion using images recorded by two video cameras. View and analyze your event from any angle and obtain 3D representations of your data.

Image Stabilization
Remove unwanted jitter & vibration from a video.

Particle Counting, Sizing & Flow
Count fragments or parts in a flow environment. Classify parts by size, shape, eccentricity or axial orientation.

Contour Tracing (Blob Analysis)
Trace shapes and compute their size, area, perimeter, center of gravity, and more.

Cell Tracking
Track cell motion through veins and arteries in microscopic images. Compute cellular proximity to vascular walls, flow direction, and more.

State of the Art Image Processing

Apply any of ProAnalyst’s 40+ image controls & filters to correct or enhance your video.

Combine filters to create customized image processing routines.


Multi-Dimensional Scene Calibration

Easily set the scale, origin, and coordinate system in your video.

Compensate for front-to-back distortions using multiple plane calibrations.

Use perspective calibration for videos filmed with non-perpendicular camera angles.


Graphing & Computational Features

Create 2- and 3-axis graphs comparing any set of motion features.

View real-time annotations of distance & angle, and measurements of position & velocity.

Perform a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) with a single click.

Display data from external sensors & video analysis on the same graph.

File & Project Management

Group and organize multiple videos, images, calibration files, and analysis results using the project-based interface.

Apply groups of settings & calibration files from one project to another.

Browse & preview video files with the Video Explorer.

Easily locate & sort files in the Workspace View panel.


HTML, Printer & PowerPoint Reports

Export data, analysis results, notes, and video clips to an HTML web page, a multi-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, or directly to a printer.

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Xcitex logo.

Xcitex ProAnalyst 2023 logo.

Tech Specs

Specifications current as of August 2023 and are subject to change.

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Revolutionary 2D & 3D Motion Analysis Can’t Be Wrong
Download the Xcitex ProAnalyst brochure PDF

Compare Editions of ProAnalyst Motion Analysis Software

Choose a ProAnalyst Edition to Match Your Application
To meet the different motion analysis needs of our customers, we offer four editions of ProAnalyst which all include the same advanced tracking algorithms and technology. The following information will help you determine which edition is best for your application.


This low-cost starter package allows auto-tracking of one feature and/or manual tracking of up to 32 features.

Quickly export to Excel or MATLAB for further analysis and graphing. 


Ideal for quick calculations of velocity and distance.

Utilizes the same great extraction and tracking engines of the Professional Edition.

Auto-track up to 256 features.

Export your results to Excel, MATLAB, or other packages. 

ProAnalyst Professional Edition and PIV.


The industry standard. Includes all the analysis features and engines for auto-tracking objects in 1D and 2D, data reduction and report generation.

Optional toolkits add particle tracking, cell tracking, PIV, contour tracking, and image stabilization.

3-D Professional

Includes all the features of the Professional Edition, plus the innovative and simple-to-use 3D Manager.

Analyze events captured by multiple cameras to reconstruct and display motion in 3D with high precision and accuracy.

Ideal for biomechanics and sports performance analysis, product engineering and crash test analysis.

Xcitex ProAnalyst edition comparison chart for 2021.

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