LWAG 2024 Conference

Light-Weight Armour for Defence & Security

June 10–13, 2024 | Rocamadour, France


Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging will be sponsoring & exhibiting at the LWAG 2024 Conference in Rocamadour, France. Stop by and see the latest in ultra high-speed visible, infrared and DIC (digital image correlation) imaging solutions – Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 ultra high-speed video cameras and Shimadzu universal precision testing machines, Scandiflash Flash X-ray systems, iX Cameras i-SPEED® 2, 5 & 7 series, Mikrotron Mini2, AMOtronics data acquisition systems, REL LED lighting solutions and more gear for you to get the job done right.

LWAG is intended for all parties (industry, academia and research institutes) involved in the field of light-weight armour for defence and security applications with the objective to help improve the design of armour systems exposed to ballistic and/or explosive threats. LWAG is interested in all materials involved in armour configurations such as ceramics, metals, composite materials and woven materials, metal matrix composites (MMC), ceramic matrix composites (CMC), metallic foams and other porous materials.

Since 2001, the LWAG workshop aims at gathering engineers, researchers as well as PhD students developing experimental testing, theoretical works and numerical simulations at the material scale or the structural scale to improve the knowledge in this area.

Objectives & Topics
Development of new solutions for protection and shock mitigation against ballistic impact and blast for soldier, vehicle, aircraft and naval platform.

The fields of interests can be:

  • New Materials
  • Innovative Concepts
  • Dynamic Testing & Modelling
  • Damage & Failure Mechanisms





THIOT Ingenierie logo.


For 30 years, our company has been designing test equipment for fast dynamics studies (laboratory gas guns, powder guns, Split-Hopkinson Bars, acceleration generator, detonation chambers, etc.). Thiot Ingenierie also has its own laboratory for impact testing and shock physics, complementary to numerical simulation, and R&D expertise.


Learn more about 2D/3D DIC solutions & ultra high-speed imaging:

Contact a Hadland Imaging representative to learn more and visit our page on DIC Solutions (digital image correlation) for more information about testing machines, ultra high-speed cameras & everything you need to get the job done right.


Keywords: 2D/3D DIC solutions, France, iX Cameras i-SPEED®, LWAG 2024, Rocamadour, Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems, Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2, THIOT Ingenierie, universal precision testing machines 


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