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with the Next X-Series HS Infrared Camera Systems from FLIR 


FLIR X6980-HS & X8580-HS thermal video camera.Introducing the FLIR X6980-HS and X8580-HS thermal science cameras with enhanced high-speed data performance.

These new additions to the FLIR X-Series line of performance thermal cameras are designed to take connectivity and on-camera recording to the next level, providing unparalleled high-speed data streaming and up to two full hours of on-camera data recording without the risk of dropped frames.

Plus, the X6980-HS and X8580-HS offer a proprietary triggering, synchronization and a TSPI (Time and Space-Positioning Information) and accurate IRIG time stamping system that ensures precise, on-time recording.

Tests can be expensive, and that dropped frame could be the critical data your team needed to make critical decisions.

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FLIR X-HS Series Infrared Cameras | Don’t Lose a Moment of Critical Testing

In demanding environments such as scientific, defense, and aerospace research, critical testing events may only last a fraction of a second and missing data could prove costly. Having a high-performance infrared camera is therefore essential to capture and stream high-speed events flawlessly, ensuring no data loss and no dropped frames. In fields where tests are expensive, losing even a single frame could mean missing crucial data.

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