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Linden Gledhill at BIOCENE 2023 

October 18–20, 2023 | Ohio Aerospace Institute | Cleveland, Ohio 


Santa Cruz, CA – Hadland Imaging Senior Scientist, Linden Gledhill is a featured artist at BIOCENE 2023, sponsored by the Ohio Aerospace Institute and Great Lakes Biomimicry. The BIOCENE 2023 Art & Design Exhibit features four videos by Linden and will be on display October 18–20, at the Ohio Aerospace Institute in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Two of Linden’s videos were shot with iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series ultra high-speed video cameras with frame rates up to 1 million frames per second. Study of Insects in Flight includes video footage captured at 7,500 frames per second. Viewing the high-speed video at normal speed (24–30 frames per second) brings the audience into the world of slow motion, with insects captured in stunning detail as they dance in front of the camera lens. 

Check out Linden’s videos at BIOCENE 2023 and enjoy more of his slow motion videos and other works on YouTube


Biocene 2023 
Biomimicry: Transforming Materials 
October 18–20, 2023 
Ohio Aerospace Institute 
Cleveland, Ohio 


Study of Insects in Flight by Linden Gledhill feature image.

Study of Insects in Flight  (iX Cameras i-SPEED® 720, mono) 

“The grace of moths, mayflies and beetles in flight are captured in stunning detail using a high-speed video camera at 7,500 frames per second. We see the details of their wing mechanics as they push through what seems like viscous air. If you watch closely, you will occasionally see the sparkle of a single moth scale being lost to the darkness of the black void”  

Rotifers by Linden Gledhill feature image.

Rotifers  (iX Cameras i-SPEED® 726R) 

“Our sense of scale is challenged as we see single celled marine rotifers fill a single droplet of sea water as it swells on the end of a pipette. The drop falls onto a glass slide and we explore these creatures pursuing their algae prey under the microscope. Time is seen to slow as their rapidly moving mouthparts are revealed using a high-speed video camera. As we watch closely, we can see their red eyes glow and the bright green algae becomes visible within their transparent bodies.”  

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