Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID)

Santa Cruz, CA – New from Scandiflash – The Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID) for Flash X-ray cineradiography! Capture the action with one to eight ultra high-speed Flash X-ray exposures with Scandiflash FXR MAT (Flash X-ray multi-anode tube) Systems, CID and a high-speed video camera – record amazing sequential X-ray images at 20–35 nanosecond Flash X-ray exposures and up to 200,000 frames per second.


Scandiflash CID drop test with glass beads illustration.

Scandiflash CID drop test with glass beads Flash X-ray image sequence.


The Scandiflash CID System is an auxiliary cabinet designed to mount and protect a high-speed video camera at a right angle to an X-ray detector (scintillator screen) for cinematic Flash X-ray radiography. The cabinet can be positioned vertically or horizontally as necessary for optimum Flash X-ray exposure and high-speed recording.

The Scandiflash CID System features a manually adjustable translation stage for precise camera positioning from the scintillator screen, a rotational mirror stage for precise right-angle alignment with the camera sensor and an external I/O panel for connecting additional instrumentation and control computer.

The high-speed video camera is protected from direct X-radiation by a lead shielding plate enclosed in plastic and mounted at a right angle to the scintillator screen – protecting the recording from X-radiation image artifacts (speckling).

The Scandiflash CID System is designed for cineradiographic imaging with Scandiflash FXR MAT systems with multi-anode Flash X-ray tubes.

Compatible Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Multi-Anode Tube systems:

  • Scandiflash FXR MAT150 with 4, 6, & 8 anodes
  • Scandiflash FXR MAT300 with 4, 6, & 8 anodes
  • Scandiflash FXR MAT450 with 4, 6, & 8 anodes
  • Scandiflash FXR MAT450S with 4, 6, & 8 anodes


Scandiflash Cinematic Imaging Detector (CID) features illustrated.

Scandiflash CID System features:

  • Precise imaging with adjustable translation & rotational stages
  • 240 x 180 mm Scintillator Screens
  • High-speed video camera & recording protection
  • I/O Panel for connecting additional instrumentation & control computer
  • Internal storage for scintillator screens, focusing targets & tools
  • Vertical or horizontal positions for optimum exposures

Scandiflash CID System Accessories:

  • Rack mounted Delay Stage (for synchronizing CID & FXR systems)
  • Mounting Table (for additional positioning options)


Scandiflash CID variable positions illustration.

Scandiflash CID variable vertical and horizontal positions for Flash X-ray experiments. Use the optional mounting table, none or other support for horizontal positioning.

We’ll be posting more info about the Scandiflash CID System – stay tuned for more information! Learn more about Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems on our website. 

Perfectly Paired:
Scandiflash CID & i-SPEED 5 Series UHS Video Cameras

The Scandiflash CID pairs perfectly with iX Cameras i-SPEED® 5 Series ultra high-speed video cameras with 13 Gpx/s throughput, 13.5 µm pixel size, 1920 x 1080 resolution and maximum frame rate of one million frames per second.

View the link above or contact us to discuss options for your Scandiflash CID System!

Scandiflash logo.

About Scandiflash

Scandiflash, located in Uppsala, Sweden, has been pioneering Flash X-ray technology for over 50 years – helping scientists and researchers around the globe see through the toughest conditions. Scandiflash Flash X-Ray (FXR) Systems are valuable solutions to image through fire, smoke, metal and other materials during research using fast 20 nanosecond X-ray pulses for incredibly sharp ultra high-speed imaging. Scandiflash FXR Systems are available for indoor lab setups and for outdoor large-scale firing ranges, and can be tailored to meet the requirements for a variety of research applications.

Learn more about ultra high-speed Flash X-ray imaging solutions:

Contact a Hadland Imaging representative to learn more about Flash X-ray imaging solutions & everything you need to get the job done right.

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