Extremely Exquisite.

up to 10 million frames per second

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Experience the Invisible with ultra high-speed video recording up to 10 million fps with 6x higher sensitivity (ISO 1600) than conventional video cameras. Featuring the FTCMOS2 Advanced Next-Generation Burst Image Sensor with a two camera synchronized recording function for DIC (digital image correlation) and 3D imaging in master/slave mode. The best in its class.

Bullet-Stopping Speed.

up to 1 million frames per second

iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series* (716, 720 & 726)

Exceptional performance high-speed video recording for ballistics, sports, science, industrial, military & other fast moving phenomena – up to 1 million fps and in high resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels. Loaded with features & options, great for DIC (digital image correlation).

* R versions with heavy-duty rugged environmental enclosures available

Go Thermal!

high-speed & high-definition MWIR

FLIR X6900sc/X8500sc HD MWIR Science-Grade Series

Feel the heat with award winning mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) science-grade video cameras from FLIR. Experience thermal imaging at 2,000 fps with 2x the resolution of the competition or shoot high-definition & high-speed MWIR at 180 fps in full resolution – 1280 x 1024 pixels.

Compact Workhorse.

high performance with high resolution

SVS Vistek SVCam-HR Series

High performance with high resolution, 11–29 megapixels in a small, but mighty high-speed video camera. A perfect solution for quasistatic DIC (digital image correlation). Grab a pair today & start shooting.

Experience the Invisible™ with 3D DIC

VIC-3D™ Ultra High-Speed DIC System

Incredible ultra high-speed, 3D digital image correlation is possible with a pair of Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 ultra high-speed video cameras, Correlated Solutions’ VIC-3D 8 software, VIC-Snap Remote app, installation, support & more.

Turn-Key Solution.

brand new design

HADLAND / MSI miniFF (mini Flight Follower)

We’re proud of our new & improved miniFF developed with our partner, MS Instruments. It’s been redesigned to be lighter, more compact & easier than ever to set up to do the work for you. This all inclusive high-performance package follows speeding projectiles in-flight and records the action with high-speed video via a computer-controlled rotating mirror – camera included.


Light it Up.

the brightest LED lighting systems from REL & VIC

REL SURE-bright™ Profusion X LED Lighting System

Portable, modular & configurable high intensity illumination system.

Learn more

REL SURE-bright™ Focused LED Lighting System

High intensity, focused illumination system arrays.

Contact us for more info

VIC Ultra-Bright LED Lighting System

Portable high intensity illumination system, available with single or multiple modules. Video/Flood controllers, precision camera mounts and more.

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product photos not to scale 😎

Acquisition & Analysis

accurate results made easy

Acoustic & Optical Targets

The complete line of easy to use, precision electronic acoustic optical targets from our partner, MS Instruments. Perfect for ballistics testing at indoor ranges and in the field. Record & measure your results with MSI Ballistics DB software.

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Xcitex ProAnalyst®

Revolutionary motion analysis software that turns your high-speed video camera into a precision measurement instrument. Available in professional, lite & special editions, each tailored towards specific industries and applications.

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Hadland Imaging – Before the Smoke Clears Product Brochure 2017.

Better Gear. Better Results.

Hadland Imaging 2018 Brochure

The latest product lines from Hadland Imaging in one downloadable document, including our new miniFF developed with MS Instruments, the award winning FLIR X6900sc MWIR & X8500sc High-Definition MWIR Science-Grade cameras, and more gear you need to get the job done right.


Ultra High-Speed News


Customer spotlight of an incredible team using the Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-2 High-Speed Video Camera and the REL SURE-Bright™ LED lighting system in the real world. Mechanics of Materials Under Extreme Environments Department of Mechanical & Aerospace...

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Learn to Stop Time at MIT Summer 2018

High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques MIT Summer Short Course 6.51s at the MIT Edgerton Center in Cambridge, MA June 18-21, 2018 In this four-day program, morning lectures present the fundamentals of lighting, lens selection,...

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iX Cameras at Work – Kye Forte Big Air

Kye Forte, legendary motocross, BMX and downhill mountain biker hopped in front of one of iX Cameras' i-SPEED 7 video cameras. 46 films captured the majesty that can happen when two wheels encounters mother earth. Shot by Paul Bryan. [youtube...

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New iX Cameras i-SPEED 713 Camera

A WARM WELCOME TO THE NEWEST i-SPEED 7 SERIES CAMERA The i-SPEED 713 is the new entry point into superior high-speed capture. The 713 is packed with all of the same great features of the i-SPEED 7 Series, and driven by the same massive 3.1 megapixel sensor! The...

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Roy Dunn – Free & Wild at Vault Gallery

Exhibition of Photographs by Roy Dunn October 28, 2017 1:00 to 5:00 pm The Vault Gallery is excited to announce Roy Dunn's first exhibition of photographs Of Wild and Free Hummingbirds. Roy is considered by his peers to be one of the worlds experts in the genre of...

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FLIR: The Advantages of LWIR SLS Thermal Cameras

Thermal infrared cameras have reimagined how we perform thermal measurements for research and science testing. In recent years, we’ve seen significant readout and camera electronic advances that push the limits of resolution, speed, and sensitivity. This allows us to...

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PhotoDyn’s New Shimadzu HPV-X2

University of Southampton: PhotoDyn (Innovative Photomechanical Approaches in Identification of the Dynamic Mechanical Behaviour of Materials) "Our brand new Shimadzu HPV-X2 camera has just arrived! We’re quite excited." View the post…  ...

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What Our Clients Are Saying…

Oakley logo.

“High speed, high resolution, and the ability to adapt to a range of test applications are key aspects of what we need from a high-speed camera. We tested several cameras for our requirements, and the i-SPEED 720 stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of performance, image quality, and ease of use.” 

Steven Reynolds – Head of the High Speed Video (HSV) Program at Oakley

Experience the Invisible™ for Less


Demo models & previously owned Shimadzu HPVs and other gear available at discounted rates.


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