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71st Meeting of the ARA (Aeroballistic Range Association) August 2022 in Königswinter, Germany 

Livermore, CA – The annual ARA meeting has been rescheduled for August 2022 in Königswinter, Germany due to the COVID-19 pandemic and will be hosted by Dynamit Nobel Defence and AMOtronics.

The annual ARA meetings are attended by an international group of scientists and engineers from government, academia, and industry involved in various aspects of maintaining, upgrading, and utilizing launcher technology for a variety of research applications, mostly involving defense or aerospace applications. The meeting is primarily composed of technical talks presented by the members of the group.

Topics covered at the annual meeting include:

  • ballistic range operation
  • instrumentation for studying dynamic mechanical events
  • exterior and terminal ballistics research technology >
  • development of research launchers
  • evaluation of range accidents
  • impact mechanics and shock physics research technology
  • evaluation of high speed vehicle flight characteristics
  • armor development technology
  • non-classical applications of gun-related testing

Meeting hosts: Thomas Peun ( and Jürgen Martini (


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About Dynamit Nobel Defence
DND is the global technology leader in the field of ballistic shoulder launched weapons. Armed Forces from more than 20 nations worldwide put their trust in the high-tech weapon systems of the German company. While you are reading these lines, DND’s engineers are already working on the next disruptive innovation to significantly change the strategic missions and capabilities of infantry forces in their favor.


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About AMOtronics
AMOtronics develops high-end metrology products, related services, sophisticated test and measurement solutions. Their measurement solutions are used worldwide in a variety of research and industrial projects in the fields of energy, explosives, aerospace, automotive and military projects.

The AMOtronics SATURN Transient Recorders and the user-friendly SATURN Studio II software provide the ideal platform for modular, extensible measuring systems for special demands with the capability to measure, store and analyze huge quantities of high-speed recording data. Data channels can be synchronized, span long distances, used to measure high voltage and current signals, and capable of withstanding disturbances in strong electromagnetic fields.

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