One million frames per second can't be wrong. i-SPEED 7 Series, high-speed, high resolution.

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The i-SPEED® 7 Series, the next generation for 2021 featureing the 717, 721 and 727 models coming soon.


2.45 Million Frames Per Second Can’t Be Wrong


On January 6, 2021, iX Cameras announced their next generation i-SPEED 7 Series ultra high-speed video cameras. Three models featuring new 3.2MP AST sensors with 2072 x 1536 resolution, frame rates up to 2.45 million fps, throughput up to 27.1 gigapixels per second, and encased in a new High-G body design.

iX Cameras logo.

i-SPEED 7 Series logo.


 First Generation – Available through March 2021


iX Cameras i-SPEED 716, 720 & 726

Bullet-stopping speed & groundbreaking 2K resolution at 2048 x 1536 pixels.

R versions with heavy-duty rugged environmental enclosures available.

i-SPEED 7 Series instrumentation and rugged cameras with CDUe.

i-SPEED 7 Series Key Features

Common Features

  • 2K resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
  • 3.1 Megapixels
  • Pixel size 13.5µm
  • Maximum frame rate – 1,000,000 fps
  • Mono 16000 – ISO Expandable to 125000
  • Color 4000 – ISO Expandable to 32000
  • Up to 288GB of memory for long recordings or multiple buffers
  • Up to 2TB internal SSD capacity
  • Additional XSSD storage for fast data transfer
  • Microlens sensor for exceptional light sensitivity
  • Wide Dynamic Range recording
  • Flexible frame synchronization from 1Hz to 200kHz
  • 32 point integrated real-time health monitoring system
  • 1 hour battery life
  • Compatible with Nikon F mount, C mount & Canon EF mount lenses
  • Tablet control via touchscreen CDUe for simple operation
  • High-G enviromentally rugged package available
  • Upgrade path between models

*export restricted, shorter shutter speeds available by request

Made in USA and UK badge.

High-Speed, High Resolution – Ready for Action.

It’s a level of performance that captures more than movement. It captures the imagination. From the innovators of Olympus high-speed camera technology comes our bullet-stopping i-SPEED 7 Series, groundbreaking in its recording capacity, 400 times faster than standard 1080p HD rates. Discover a powerful, high-end line of cameras packed with value and suited for a wide range of applications. There’s only one way to capture the fastest events in the world. That’s with the highest resolution, fastest camera ever built.

Choose from the instrumentation package or the high-G rated rugged package with its environment resistant casing, machined from a single piece of solid aluminum with a specialized 7-point board contact support.

Tablet or PC Functionality
iX Cameras CDUe touchscreen tablet.With its large, 8.4″ high resolution LCD touchscreen monitor, the iX Cameras CDUe gives the user an intuitive, compact and easy-to-operate system. Change settings, frame rate and shutter speed, then record and instantly view the action at any speed. Measure distance, velocity and angular displacement on playback. Save only what you need to optimize download speeds and file size.

i-SPEED 7 Series At a Glance

R versions with heavy-duty rugged environmental enclosures available

i-SPEED 716 logo.

High-Speed, High Resolution & More High-Speed

16 Gpx/s throughput
5,315 fps @ 2K 2048 x 1536
7,960 fps @ FHD 1920 x 1080
Mono & Color
1µs to 289ns* electronic shutter
1,000,000 fps max frame rate 

i-SPEED 720 logo.

Extreme Performance for Research, Ballistics & Testing

20 Gpx/s throughput
6,642 fps @ 2K 2048 x 1536
9,942 fps @ FHD 1920 x 1080
Mono & Color
1µs to 293ns* electronic shutter
1,000,000 fps max frame rate

i-SPEED 726 logo.

The Ultimate High Resolution, High-Speed Camera

26 Gpx/s throughput
8,512 fps @ 2K 2048 x 1536
12,742 fps @ FHD 1920 x 1080
Mono & Color
1µs to 277ns* electronic shutter
1,000,000 fps max frame rate

i-SPEED 7 Series logo.

Memory up to 288GB

More memory is ideal for long recordings and when using multiple buffers for your research. The internal memory may be allocated as a single buffer or divided up to 16 separate buffers, allowing for multiple recordings without pausing to save between recording sessions. More is better.

The i-SPEED 7 Series cameras are configured with the following memory and can be upgraded to 288GB for the ultimate in high-speed, high resolution data acquisition.

• i-SPEED 716 is configured with 36GB RAM

• i-SPEED 720 is configured with 72GB RAM

• i-SPEED 726 is configured with 96GB RAM

Frame Rates, Resolutions & Recording Durations to RAM

The i-SPEED 7 Series models share recording duration results at frame rates up to 5,315 fps. Optimal frame rates and recording times at 2K resolution are highlighted and FHD (full high-definition) resolution in bold for each camera model.

i-SPEED 7 Series Frame Rates, Resolutions & Recording Durations to RAM.

Additional resolutions & speeds available on request.

i-SPEED 7 Series logo.

Tech Specs

Specifications current as of  June 2020 and are subject to change.



ISO Expandable to 125000



ISO Expandable to 32000

iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series Datasheet PDF

One Million FPS Can’t Be Wrong
Download the iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series datasheet PDF

Sensor type Custom CMOS
Sensor resolution 2048 x 1536 pixels
Sensor size 27.972 x 20.736 mm
Sensor diagonal 34.82mm
Pixel size 13.5μm
Bit depth 12-bit (36-bit color)
Sensitivity (Gain) Mono: 16000 native – ISO expandable to 125000
Color: 4000 native – ISO expandable to 32000
Maximum frame rate 1,000,000 fps
Shutter type Global exposure
Shutter time standard 1μs min
Shutter time fast mode 716 – 289ns min (export restricted)
720 – 293ns min (export restricted)
726 – 277ns min (export restricted)
WDR Wide Dynamic Range


Synchronization & Capture
Trigger TTL T0 to 0–100%
Trigger modes [1] Normal, ROC, BROC
Sync 10Hz – 200kHz
Luminance histogram Iris setting aid tool
i-CHEQ 360 Camera status LEDs
i-FOCUS Focusing aid tool
i-EXPOSURE High/low exposure highlight
Control PC or CDUe
IRIG input IRIG–B to sub 1μs
IRIG sync Camera sync to IRIG
Internal memory (RAM) 716 – 36GB standard, configurable to 288GB
720 – 72GB standard, configurable to 288GB
726 – 96GB standard, configurable to 288GB


Physical & Environmental
Dimensions (WHL)

Instrumentation package: 14.3 x 6.2 x 6.2 inches
(363 x 157 x 154 mm)

Rugged package: 14.75 x 6.0 x 5.75 inches
(374 x 150 x 143.5 mm)

Weight (with battery) 18.7 lb (8.5 kg)
Input voltage 12–36V
Power consumption 150W nominal, 200W max
Mounting 1/4–20 & 3/8–16 tripod plate
Battery 2x 14.4V 90Wh
Battery life 1 hour
Lens mount Custom, swappable lens plate
EMC EN55032-A, EN55024
Safety BS EN61010-1 (camera), IEC60950 (PSU)
CE marking EMC directive (camera), EMC directive, LV directive (PSU)
Lead free RoHS directive
WEEE Compliant
IP rating IP 20
Temperature Operation: 32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)
Storage: -4° to 140° F (-20° to 60° C)
Pressure 71 to 106 kPa
Relative humidity 95% at 104° F noncondensing

Instrumentation package: 10 g

Rugged package:
30 g @ 11 ms IEC 68-2-27 Ea
30 g @ 2 ms IEC 68-2-29 Eb

Power input connector LEMO 6-Pin
Trigger input BNC 75 Ω
Feature connector LEMO 18-Pin, trigger in / sync /sync out / exposure out / remote power


Video outputs 2x HD-SDI, HDMI
USB USB 3 port
Network 1Gb Ethernet port using RJ-45 connector
Video formats [2] IXV, AVI (compressed or uncompressed)
Image sequence formats TIFF, JPG, RAW
Ethernet control 1Gb/s
Remote control via supplied software


PC Software
Standard control Control ONE
Premium control Control MULTI-DAQ
Editing i-SPEED Movie Maker
Analysis Xcitex ProAnalyst® Lite
Viewer i-SPEED Viewer
Utilities i-SPEED Lens Calculator, i-SPEED Viewer
Software Developers Kit C++, LabView
Synchronized data acquisition USB DAQ, 8 options


Purchasing Options
CDUe Portable touchscreen control unit
Sensor Color/Mono
Memory 96GB standard, 144GB or 288GB
Shutter time 716 – 1μs standard, 289ns (export restricted)
720 – 1μs standard, 293ns (export restricted)
726 – 1μs standard, 277ns (export restricted)
Internal SSD 500GB, 1TB or 2TB
External XSSD 250GB, 500GB, 1TB & 2TB available
Lens mounts Nikon F mount, C mount & Canon EF mount
Package type Instrumentation or Rugged
Warranty one-year limited warranty, up to three years coverage available
Internal batteries Set of two batteries


[1] Select from three trigger modes: Normal – camera is triggered manually or with software.
ROC (Record on Command) – press trigger to record, release to stop.
BROC (Burst Record on Command) – allows you to set the number of frames to be recorded during the burst. The trigger can be pressed multiple times until the memory buffer is full.

[2] The IXV format is a proprietary video format allowing greater control over bit depth and processing, but is only readable with i-SPEED 2.0 Viewer software.

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Video of glass fragments at 60Hz by Linden Gledhill, recorded with an i-SPEED 7 Series camera.
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