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IBS Newsletter: Periodic Bulletin

Issue 10, December 2020

Dear Ballisticians,

An unusual year is coming to an end. A year practically without conferences and face-to-face meetings and without the exchange of ideas we have got used to over time. Although I am optimistic that we will get back to normal, at the moment it is all the more important that we – as a community – use alternative ways to communicate with one another.

One line of communication is the IBS Periodic Bulletin. The new issue #10 will not just give you a review of and an outlook on past and future events, but will also provide you with news from the IBS committees as well as technical notes on different scientific topics.

A good start into 2021 to all of you and Merry Christmas to those, who celebrate Christmas. Enjoy reading!

Wishing all of you good health,

Thomas Hartmann
Chair Communications Committee


Contents include…

President’s Editorial
31st ISB in Hyderabad 
Incredible India
Award Winners
Did You Know…?
In Memory of Jack Riegel III
News from the Members Committee
Education Committee Outlook
The ISB Periodic Bulletin’s New Look
Laboratory Review: ISL
Spectral Red-Shift in Deflagration
Challenges in Development of Multi Layered Fragmentation Warhead
Technique to Embed an Inflated
Lung into a Gelatine Block
Book (P)Review
32nd ISB in Reno
Tutorial Program for Reno
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