As the world leader in sports and fashion eyewear and headgear, Oakley takes the safety of their customers very, very seriously. To that end, a substantial component of their R&D effort is dedicated to the testing of their products – from ballistic impacts, to projectile impacts, to crushing, to twisting and distorting helmets, lenses and frames. Every single design goes through rigorous destructive testing before it gets near a human head.

“High speed, high resolution, and the ability to adapt to a range of test applications are key aspects of what we need from a high-speed camera,” commented Steven Reynolds, Head of the HSV Program at Oakley. “We tested several cameras for our requirements, and the i-SPEED 720 stood head and shoulders above the others in terms of performance, image quality, and ease of use.”

“Beyond impact testing, we already have been using the camera to create promotional videos for our marketing department, as well as identifying issues with our automation and production lines. The i-SPEED 720 has quickly become an incredibly useful asset across the Company” Reynolds added.

The i-SPEED 720 model of the 7 Series high-speed cameras is produced by iX Cameras, a company that designs, builds and sells cutting-edge ultra-high-speed cameras for the scientific and manufacturing research markets. Peter Carellas, President and CEO of iX Cameras said, “We are very pleased that Oakley chose iX Cameras, and we are confident that by teaming up with Hadland Imaging, our exclusive US West Coast Sales Partner, Oakley will receive the best in service and support. Our cameras are designed by engineers who have the end-customer in mind; hence throughput performance, image quality and ease of use are our paramount considerations.”

The iX 720 camera has established itself as a market leader in the realm of high speed, high resolution video cameras. Boasting a 3.1Mpx sensor, resolutions of 2048 x 1536 are possible at frame rates of 8,512 fps.

“Oakley really put this camera to the test” added Todd Rumbaugh, CEO of Hadland Imaging, Inc. “They have used the camera in applications that we hadn’t even envisaged, and we have learned a lot from them. That the camera has performed admirably in all situations is of no surprise to us at all.”

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