High-Speed Imaging for Motion Analysis: Systems and Techniques
MIT Summer Short Course 6.51s at the MIT Edgerton Center in Cambridge, MA
June 18-21, 2018

In this four-day program, morning lectures present the fundamentals of lighting, lens selection, high-speed-imaging methods, and motion analysis. Afternoons are spent in the lab, using the latest equipment to image high-speed events, with the manufacturer’s representatives on hand providing advice and guidance on using the systems. The program concludes at 9 pm, Thursday, June 21.

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Cover image: Mach 2 Bullet Through Candle Flame © 1973
Schlieren image of a Mach 2, 30 caliber bullet traveling over a candle by J. Kim Vandiver and H.E. Edgerton

For more information, please visit http://shortprograms.mit.edu/imaging