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High-Speed DIC is Revolutionizing Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Other Industries

iDICs – High-speed cameras greatly enhance digital image correlation applications. The iDICs community is supported and sponsored by some of the best high-speed camera companies, including Vision Research, Photron, Telops, and Hadland.

We spoke with Kyle Gilroy, PhD, an applications engineer at Vision Research, and Tim Callenbach, the director of sales and marketing at Photron, both companies specializing in high-speed cameras, about the benefits of utilizing the technology in DIC applications. Both Callenbach and Gilroy agreed that the broad applications of high-speed DIC has benefited countless industries, ranging from academia to aerospace, and everything in between. “Coupling [high-speed] cameras with DIC gives a user the ability to see temporal resolutions unachievable by commercial standard cameras,” Gilroy explained. “In research settings… many events last for one millisecond or shorter. To properly sample (or image) this event effectively, we generally sample at ten times the event speed or higher,” which isn’t always achievable with standard cameras. 

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The International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs) was founded in 2015 as a nonprofit scientific and educational organization committed to training and educating users of digital image correlation (DIC) systems. iDICs develops and offers world-recognized DIC training certification to improve industry practice of DIC for general applications while also emphasizing research and establishing standards for DIC measurement techniques.

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