Looking Like the Leader We Are

Uppsala, Sweden – A lot has changed in the 50+ years that we’ve been pioneering Flash X-ray technology – our products, our people, our business strategy, and even our customers around the globe that rely on our Flash X-ray systems to perform their research. We thought now is a good time to reflect these changes by rethinking the way we present ourselves through our brand and digital platform.

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About Scandiflash 
For over 50 years, Scandiflash has been pioneering Flash X-ray technology to help scientists and researchers around the globe to see the nearly impossible. Scandiflash Flash X-Ray Systems generate extremely short pulses used to capture dynamics in the harshest of conditions, ranging from indoor lab setups to outdoor large-scale firing ranges. The systems are modular and can be tailored to meet your requirements for number of pulses and peak energy conditions.

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