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Vibration Analysis: High-Speed Stereo DIC on a Drying Machine

Case Description
Two procedures were adopted to introduce vibrations on a drying machine: via a shaker and within operational conditions. Both events are imaged with two iX Cameras i-SPEED® 513 high-speed video cameras. Accelerometers were simultaneously attached and Simcenter SCADAS system was invoked to impose perfect synchronization between the accelerometers and the recorded images. An optimized DIC solution was obtained using MatchID Stereo Correlation. Frequency response functions (FRF) could then seamlessly be extracted via a direct integration between Simcenter Testlab and MatchID. Finally, the corresponding operational deflection shapes were determined, combining results from classical sensors and DIC.


Cameras: 2 iX Cameras i-SPEED 513, 6,382 fps @ 1920 x 1080 resolution 

Validation: Accelerometers & Simcenter SCADAS

Acquisition Speed: 1,600 Hz 



Type: Stereo DIC with optimized settings 

Vibration: Modal parameters identified with Simcenter Polymax 

Mode Shapes: Deflection shape determination with MatchID ODS Module 



Stereo DIC: Time resolved displacements results 

Natural frequencies: structural resonances & damping 

Operational Deflection Shapes: 3D deformation at the identified natural frequencies

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Keywords: MatchID, iX Cameras, i-SPEED 513, Siemens, high-speed vibration analysis, DIC, high-speed imaging