Justification Review Document: Justification and Approval for Other Than Full and Open Competition

Justification of purchasing multiple Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 ultra high-speed video cameras over the competitor’s camera due to ghosting artifacts and other inadequacies.

The US Government requires Shimadzu’s Hyper Vision HPV-X2 ultra high-speed video camera because it is the only commercially available camera that meets the Government’s requirements for capturing up to 256 frames at a resolution rate of 10,000,000 frames per second, high light sensitivity (ISO 16,000), synchronization and compatibility with multiple cameras of the same model currently owned by ARL WMRD, exposure time and no image noise. In addition, the Shimadzu HPV-X2 camera is the only known camera that is free from frame to frame artifacts, such as ghosting and gray value variations.

Ghosting is especially detrimental because the human observer is not able to determine if a feature is real or is an artifact of the camera, causing incorrect conclusions to be drawn.

Supply/Service: Purchase Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 High-Speed Video Cameras and Correlated Solutions 2D/3D Digital Image Correlation Software package with accessories. Authority: 41 U.S.C. 1901(e) (2), implemented by FAR 13.501(a) — Sole Source Brand Name Product, or feature of a product, particular to one manufacturer.

originially published November 2016

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