Bath, England 
October 7–12, 2018 

Summary: The 69th Aeroballistic Range Association (ARA) Meeting is held in the Bailbrook Hotel in Bath, England and is hosted by Hadland Imaging-MS Instruments (HL-MSI) and Wiltshire Ballistics. Paul Everington, from MSI, is the conference chair and welcomes 54 attendees. These are 42 representatives (from 30 organizations), one fellow, 2 awarded students, 3 guests and 12 exhibitors (coming from six exhibiting companies). Paul Everington opens the event and presents the conference program. Robin Putzar welcomes and thanks all the members, especially the fellows. 

The 69th ARA meeting consists of 12 sessions with 38 presentations: 

  • 34 technical presentations, including three student presentations, 
  • six exhibitor presentations, 
  • and one next meeting presentation. 

The meeting includes a technical visit of Wiltshire Ballistics, in Devizes, UK. 

The awarded student presentations were given by Jean-Eloi Franzkowiak (CEA) and Christopher Johnson (Marquette University). 


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