Ultra High-Speed Imaging Solutions

Ten Million Frames Per Second Can't Be Wrong – Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Extremely Exquisite.

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Up to 10 million fps with 6x the sensitivity of conventional video cameras.

One Million Frames Per Second Can't Be Wrong – iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series

High Speed & Resolution.

iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series

Up to 1 million frames per second at high resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels.

High Resolution, High-Speed IR Can't Be Wrong – FLIR X6900sc

Go Thermal!

FLIR X6900sc Series

MWIR infrared with over 2,000 frames per second & 2x resolution of the competition.


Small, But Mighty High Performance and Resolution Can't Be Wrong – SVS Vistek SVCam-HR

Compact Workhorse.

SVS Vistek SVCam-HR

The perfect solution for quasistatic digital image correlation.

Turn-key Solution.

Hadland/MSI mini Flight Follower

Our compact, computer controlled video solution for following speeding projectiles.


High-Intensity LEDs & more

Light it up with the brightest LEDs, lighting systems, light controllers, camera mounts, supports and anything else you can imagine!

Motion Analysis

Xcitex ProAnalyst®

Your digital video camera becomes a measurement instrument with this revolutionary motion analysis software. Available in professional, lite & special editions, each tailored towards specific industries and applications.

Before the Smoke Clears You Know You've Got the Shot.

We’ve got the gear you want, the services you need and the power to get the job done right!


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Ultra High-Speed News

Interview: Professor Andrew Makeev & HPV-X2

High Speed Video Camera: Hyper Vision HPV-X2, HPV-2A Predicting the lifespan of an aircraft is important, but composite structures have complex interacting failure modes. As a result, analysis has always been considered difficult. Furthermore, the fracture process of...

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Special Olympics 2016 Torch Run in Butler, NJ

The Special Olympics 2016 Torch Run passes by the Hadland Imaging East Coast Sales & Service office on 10 Park Place on Friday June 10th, 2016 in Butler, NJ.  Hadland Imaging is a proud supporter of the 2016 Special Olympics Torch...

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Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 Heats Up the Competition

Shimadzu’s New High-Speed Video Camera Offers Highest Photosensitivity & Recording Speed in Its Class Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of its new Hyper Vision HPV-X2 high-speed video camera. The new camera features Shimadzu’s FTCMOS...

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Shimadzu’s Ultra High-Speed FTCMOS Image Sensor

New Video Camera Released Featuring Ultra High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor Developed At Tohoku University An ultra high-speed CMOS image sensor that offers 10 million frames per second with ISO16,000 photosensitivity has been developed at Tohoku University by a research...

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Coast to Coast with Hadland Imaging

New sales & shipping offices in California & New Jersey for 2015! Hadland Imaging opens new sales and shipping offices in California & New Jersey for 2015! The new sales office (phone: 1-888-43HADLAND (1-888-434-2352)) is located at 1414 Soquel Ave, Suite...

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Experience the Invisible for Less

Demo models & previously owned Shimadzu HPVs and other gear available at discounted rates.

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of the iX Cameras line of high-speed video cameras, including the i-SPEED 7 series

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MS Instruments

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