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Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Extremely Exquisite.

The New Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2

Experience the invisible with ultra high-speed video recording up to 10 million frames per second with 6x higher sensitivity than conventional cameras.

Featuring the FTCMOS2 Advanced Next Generation Burst Image Sensor with a Two Camera Synchronized Recoding Function for digital image correlation.

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iX Cameras i-SPEED Series 7 high-speed video camera

High Speed,
High Resolution.

iX Cameras i-SPEED 7 Series*
(716, 720 & 726)

Exceptional performance high-speed video recording up to 500,000 frames per second and at high resolution – 2048 x 1536 pixels.

Loaded with features and options, great for digital image correlation.

* R versions with heavy-duty rugged environmental enclosures available
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SVS Vistek SVCam-HR camera.

Compact Workhorse.

SVS Vistek SVCam-HR

Small, but mighty. High performance with high resolution, 11–29 megapixels. A perfect solution for quasistatic digital image correlation.

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Shimadzu HPV-X2, iX Cameras i-SPEED Series 7 and SVS Vistek SVCam-HR cameras.


Ultra high-speed & high-speed cameras including full-frame infrared imaging and more…

Hadland Imaging's mini Flight Follower.


Complete ultra high-speed imaging solutions to help you get the job done right.

VIC Super-Bright and REL Sure-Bright LEDs


Light it up with the brightest LEDs, lighting systems, light controllers, camera mounts, supports and anything else you can imagine!

Motion Analysis

Xcitex ProAnalyst®

Your digital video camera becomes a measurement instrument with this revolutionary motion analysis software. Available in professional, lite & special editions, each tailored towards specific industries and applications.

Xcitex ProAnalyst®

Before the Smoke Clears…
You Know You've Got the Shot.

We’ve got the gear you want, the services you need
and the power to get the job done right!

Call 1-800-248-4686 or email for more information about your ultra high-speed imaging needs.

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Ultra High-Speed News

Special Olympics 2016 Torch Run in Butler, NJ

The Special Olympics 2016 Torch Run passes by the Hadland Imaging East Coast Sales & Service office on 10 Park Place on Friday June 10th, 2016 in Butler, NJ.  Hadland Imaging is a proud supporter of the 2016 Special Olympics Torch... read more

Shimadzu Hyper Vision HPV-X2 Heats Up the Competition

Shimadzu’s New High-Speed Video Camera Offers Highest Photosensitivity & Recording Speed in Its Class Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (SSI) announces the release of its new Hyper Vision HPV-X2 high-speed video camera. The new camera features Shimadzu’s FTCMOS... read more

Shimadzu’s Ultra High-Speed FTCMOS Image Sensor

New Video Camera Released Featuring Ultra High-Speed CMOS Image Sensor Developed At Tohoku University An ultra high-speed CMOS image sensor that offers 10 million frames per second with ISO16,000 photosensitivity has been developed at Tohoku University by a research... read more

Coast to Coast with Hadland Imaging

New sales & shipping offices in California & New Jersey for 2015! Hadland Imaging opens new sales and shipping offices in California & New Jersey for 2015! The new sales office (phone: 1-831-425-1272) is located at 1414 Soquel Ave, Suite 200 and the... read more

Experience the Invisible for Less

Demo models & previously owned Shimadzu HPVs and other gear available at discounted rates. Call 1-408-203-2727 or email us for details.

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Representing the best in ultra high-speed imaging solutions


Exclusive North American Authorized Representative

of the Shimadzu Hyper Vision line of ultra high-speed video cameras, including the new HPV-X2

iX Cameras

West Coast Authorized Representative

of the iX Cameras line of high-speed video cameras, including the i-SPEED 7 series

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MS Instruments

MS Instruments

Ballistic Range Solutions – optical & acoustic targets, triggers, velocity screens & more

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High-Intensity LEDs, AVATAR 10.5mm Lens, precision camera mounts & accessories



Revolutionary motion analysis software tailored towards specific industries & applications

Tech Imaging

Our East Coast Representative

Tech Imaging is Hadland’s East Coast representative and expert in high-speed imaging, located in Saugus, MA.